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Communication is Key Between RCMP and Fire Departments

The RCMP work hand in hand with their local fire departments and Kindersley Detachment is no exception.

Over the course of this past year Kindersley RCMP has partnered with the Kindersley Fire Department and other local volunteer Fire Departments on dozens of calls. These calls have ranged from fatal house fires and collisions to minor incidents.

“Communication and cooperation are huge factors between our organizations and our two organizations have excelled in this area,” stated Staff Sergeant Kevin Peterson. “Many of these scenes can be quite dynamic and communication is paramount to ensure each organizations safety, as well as the publics, is looked after. Our two organizations are a model of cooperation and this has proven beneficial on several occasions that has ensured proper handling of collisions and fires that have needed to be investigated after the fact,” Peterson goes on to say.

As both organizations are dispatched together and attend calls together most communication is done in person at the calls when information sharing is paramount.

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