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Government Introduces New Legislation To Combat Money Laundering

Government has introduced legislation that will provide new tools to combat money laundering and pursue proceeds of crime in Saskatchewan.

“These changes will greatly improve our ability to go after assets that have been involved in money laundering and other criminal activities,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant said. “With this legislation we are sending a clear message to criminals in our province – crime does not pay in Saskatchewan.”

The Seizure of Criminal Property Amendment Act, 2021 will allow Saskatchewan’s Civil Forfeiture Program to conduct preliminary investigations into assets it suspects have been involved in money laundering.

It will also allow the Civil Forfeiture Program to gather information from financial institutions about property and accounts, if it is suspected that those properties or accounts are being used for or are the result of unlawful activity.

Saskatchewan’s Civil Forfeiture Program, through The Seizure of Criminal Property Act, 2009, seeks the forfeiture of proceeds or instruments of unlawful activity. Forfeited funds are deposited in the Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund.

The Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund can be used to fund police operations, victims services and community programs and activities designed to promote public safety.

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