Jeremy Patzer, Conservative MP for Cypress Hills—Grasslands: What is His Focus?

After being re-elected in the 2021 Federal Election, we thought it would be great to catch up with Jeremy Patzer, Conservative MP for Cypress Hills—Grasslands to find out what his focus will be moving forward.

“I first want to thank the residents of Cypress Hills—Grasslands for placing your trust in me to serve as your Member of Parliament. The best way for me to represent southwestern Saskatchewan is to bring more attention to the needs of a rural riding like ours. After the election back in September, I am waiting for the opening of Parliament on November 22nd. My hope is that we will refocus on fixing major problems for Canadians instead of political opportunism and divisive messages, which we saw from the start of the campaign.

The recent drought left a lot of farmers with hardship and difficult decisions for how to manage this year and next year. I have seen its terrible impact while visiting farms or ranches and I have heard from others who are affected. For many, this has added to the costs already taken from the previous couple of years. Working with feedback coming from producers themselves, I want to see existing programs reformed so that they better recognize the practical realities happening right now in agriculture.

At the same time, the Liberal government plans to seek a 30% reduction of emissions from fertilizer by 2030 through regulation. Due to lack of clarity for nearly a year, many in the sector are worried this will involve restrictions on usage amounts – which has not been ruled out. In response, MNP released a report detailing how such an approach could cost up to $48 billion while disrupting domestic and global supply chains. I will work to keep ideology in check, and instead promote the known benefits of what more farmers are already achieving through best practices and good management.

Following years of poor economic policies, inflation is rising to levels not seen since 2003 (4.4% in September). More people are unable to afford the necessities of life. Costs are increasing for energy, food, or fuel all across the country, but they usually have a worse impact on the practical needs of rural areas. Young people looking to enter the housing market, who might consider growing our communities, do not have the competitive edge to survive. My colleagues and I will continue to offer better ideas and solutions.

When it comes to developing and rebuilding our economy, I want to ensure that all my constituents have access to reliable internet. We have seen an increasing need for it as people work or study from home. Local farmers are also needing it to operate digital equipment and access real-time data to enhance performance.

Crime is another issue requiring a stronger response, whether it’s happening in the country or the cities. Rural crime especially has been ignored for too long. I will call for supporting enforcement efforts and for giving tougher penalties to criminals. This type of approach can accomplish more for community safety than playing political games with responsible owners of legal firearms.

Before returning to Ottawa, I will continue to engage with constituents on the issues that matter most to them.”

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