Be Aware, Pass With Care When Snowplows Are Out

Snowplow operators are working to provide safe road conditions for you and your family. The majority of collisions can be avoided – remember: be aware, pass with care.

The ministry operates more than 300 provincial snowplows across Saskatchewan serving a provincial highway network of about 26,000 km. Snow and ice removal equipment is mobilized before, during and after storms with equipment operators available 24-hours per day, seven days per week.

Snowplows use blue and amber lights when plowing, salting or sanding to increase visibility, heighten awareness as well as increase safety for all operators and the public.

Keep roads safe this winter by:

  • planning ahead using the Highway Hotline or calling 511;
  • slowing to 60 kilometres per hour when highway equipment or other emergency vehicles are stopped with warning lights in operation;
  • staying back and staying safe since snowplows can create mini-blizzards known as the “Snow Zone”;
  • allowing snowplows sufficient time and space since they will pull over about every 10 kilometres or when safe to do so;
  • driving according to weather and road conditions; and 
  • passing only when safe to do so.

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