Nominate Your Female Coach of the Year!

There is arguably no more important role in hockey than that of the coach, who is tasked with guiding young players not only on the ice, but off it as well. They are leaders in hockey, and leaders in life.

Hockey Canada and BFL CANADA are on the hunt for the country’s best women’s hockey coaches, and they are calling on players and parents to nominate coaches who have made significant contributions to the game.

This year, Hockey Canada and BFL CANADA want to recognize a coach who has made a career out of coaching hockey through the new and redefined High Performance category. This works with athletes above the age of 16 who compete at the U SPORTS, Canadian collegiate hockey and Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association levels.

For the Community, Competitive and High Performance categories, the nominee:

  • Leads by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship.
  • Places the emotional and physical well-being ahead of a personal desire to win.
  • Places an emphasis on equitable participation of all players registered on the team.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the development of every player and staff member.
  • Treats each player as an individual and understands the range of emotional and physical development.
  • Does her best to provide a safe playing situation for all players.
  • Uses the coaching techniques that are appropriate for all of the age and skill level of her players.
  • Must be actively coaching at the female hockey, minor hockey or high-performance levels within the province the nomination originates from.
  • Must be trained and/or certified in the National Coach Certification Program.
  • Must have completed all elements required to be an active coach.
  • Must be a Member in good standing within the province the nomination originates from.

Please submit your nomination on from now until March 30th, 2022. Be to state whether the award nomination is for the Community, Competitive or High Performance categories.

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