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Rosetown Fire Chief Dennis Ogg Retires

In addition to changes within the Kindersley Fire Brigade, the Rosetown Fire Department recently saw Dennis Ogg retire as Fire Chief. After almost 40 years as Fire Chief we wanted to catch up with Dennis to learn a little bit about why he joined the department, what he will miss, and what he is looking forward to during retirement.

What drew you to firefighting?

In 1977, my family moved to Rosetown. I was recruited by Fire Chief Fred Walter to join his Fire Department. Four years after joining the Department I was promoted to a Captains position. In November of 1982 Fire Chief Walters died in a fire and natural gas explosion in his residence. I finished 1982 as a Deputy Fire Chief and was appointed Fire Chief in 1983.

What are some of your favorite memories on the department?

Some of my favourite memories are Christmas carolling with the team, collecting food pickups for the food bank and especially the Stars Gala that was organised by the department.

What things will you miss about the department?

The thing that I will miss the most is working and just hanging out with the team, watching the officers that deliver the training and ensuring the safety of the fire fighters. The officers make me so proud and I know the officers will look after the team well.

What are you looking forward to the most about retirement?

When I think back, my retirement will be about holidays with my wife, not missing Christmas Morning or holidays and birthdays with my family because of a fire, shutting my phone off at night and not worrying about two or three layers of clothes when it’s -40 and we are responding to a accident or a fire.

Life in Rosetown is something that has been important to me. I love it here. So, I plan on doing some work as the community EMO coordinator, and the town of Rosetown Bylaw officer..

And I know the department will continue to do a incredible job under the direction of my replacement Fire Chief Ken Franklin

The entire Kindersley Social team wishes to congratulate Dennis on his retirement–thank you for your dedication and service.

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