Recap of the Alberta Clipper

By Jenny Hagan
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Clean-up efforts in the Kindersley area continue as a clipper system slammed into the province January 31st just before 9 am. A band of freezing rain moved in switching shortly after to snowfall. White out conditions with the heavy winds kicked up very quickly stranding some motorists on the highways. 

The clean-up started around 8:30 p.m. as visibility improved and continues into today clearing snow drifts packed in by the winds and stranded vehicles along road ways from the storm. Towing companies in the area have responded to over 200 calls to service since last night and will be busy much of today (February 1st, 2022). 

Kindersley Fire department responded to multiple calls through the evening starting around 3:40 p.m. with a multi vehicle collision west of town involving semi and passenger vehicles. 

Hotels in the area in Kindersley and surrounding towns were filled up quickly before and after the system with travellers seeking refuge from the ripping winds and white out conditions. Some were stranded on the highways for over seven hours or more before roads could be cleared. Even people working in Kindersley were stranded at their work place long after their shifts ended due to zero visibility even within town limits. 

The heavy winds associated with these clipper systems not only wreak havoc on roadways but buildings and signs can become damaged, as well as loose objects tossed in the wind carrying a risk to anybody out in these conditions with flying debris.

 We are going to see cooler temperature dip in over the next few days but we should have a break in the stormy weather for a few days until our next system is due to arrive this weekend bringing some snow and warmer temps for the weekend.

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