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Kindersley RCMP Invites Residents to Register Their Outdoor Security Cameras With Capture and Help Solve Crimes

By Kindersley RCMP

Private security cameras often capture images that can help police solve crime. When police investigators have access to these images quickly, they have a better chance of solving crime, finding missing persons and locating stolen property.

To help police investigators get in contact quickly with the owners of outdoor security cameras in the greater Kindersley area, Kindersley RCMP is launching the CAPTURE Program.

CAPTURE, or Community-Assisted Policing Through the Use of Recorded Evidence, is a voluntary online registry inviting business and home owners with outdoor cameras to help solve crime by sharing with police the location of their cameras and a way for police investigators to contact them.

When a crime is reported, police investigators will consult CAPTURE’s map of the registered outdoor security cameras to quickly find out if a camera could have captured images of that crime. If there is a registered camera in the area of that crime, the RCMP investigator will contact the owner of the camera and ask if they are interested in sharing their footage of a specific date and time.

“Whenever there is a crime in a neighborhood, police officers go from door to door to ask if anyone saw or heard anything. In that sense, using CAPTURE is not much different from what we normally do,” said Staff Sergeant Kevin Peterson, the Kindersley RCMP Detachment Commander.

“The great advantage of CAPTURE is that it expedites things tremendously. We know where to go first and we know we will find information. That way, CAPTURE will make our response a lot faster, and this is very important when looking for missing persons, dangerous offenders or stolen property.” Staff Sergeant Peterson added: “Also, the more people register, the more criminals will be dissuaded from coming to our area. And that is important too.”

Any outdoor camera in the urban and rural areas served by Kindersley RCMP, Kerrobert RCMP and Eston RCMP can be registered. “My hope is this program can also address some of the concerns rural property owners have expressed over the last few years.” said Staff Sergeant Peterson.

Registering a camera with CAPTURE is:

  • free,
  • voluntary,
  • confidential,
  • for outdoor images only,
  • easy to cancel at any time,
  • does not give police access to your camera,
  • does not oblige you to provide images when asked.

“The objective of CAPTURE is to place the power in the hands of people who have the technology,” said Peterson. “This is a great way for residents to get involved in solving crimes and in keeping our community safe.”

Help protect your property, your family and your community by registering the location of your outdoor cameras with the Kindersley RCMP CAPTURE program at www.saskcapturecw.ca.

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