Male Charged After Making Hundreds of Non-emergency 911 Calls

Between November 2021 and March 2022, hundreds of calls were made to the Province of Saskatchewan’s 911 dispatch centre. The caller did not identify themselves during the calls, nor did they indicate any emergency.

911 dispatchers and police officers treat all calls seriously and have to ensure there is no emergency at the other end of the line, even if no one speaks during the call or the caller hangs up. Officers repeatedly checked the area where these calls were being placed and did not find evidence of any emergency or need for police assistance.

Saskatoon RCMP investigated the calls, which were made from an unregistered cell phone. On March 15, 2022, officers executed a search warrant at a residence in Kenaston, Saskatchewan. As a result, Kenneth Howells (DOB: 1963-01-24) of Kenaston, SK was arrested and charged with one count, harassing communications, Section 372(3), Criminal Code. He was also charged with one count, fail to comply with probation order, Section 733.1(1), Criminal Code.

He will next appear in Saskatoon Provincial Court on March 30, 2022.

“911 is the life line for Saskatchewan residents experiencing an emergency,” says Sgt. David Pidlisny of the Saskatoon RCMP. “We can’t tolerate any misuse of it – it needlessly ties up 911 dispatchers’ and police officers’ time. I’m pleased our officers were able to investigate thoroughly and determine the origin of these calls.”

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