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Residents are Reminded Not To Drive Over Fire Hoses Unless Necessary

A message from Kindersley Fire. “Please avoid drive over fire hoses. They are the life line of the firefighters, driving over fire hoses can cause damage and may result in injury or loss of life.”

When vehicles (no matter the size ) drive over an uncharged hoseline, it can cause the line to get tangled around a wheel or axle, damaging the hose, the hydrant, and the apparatus. A dragging hoseline can cause serious damage to anything in the vicinity, such as street signs, parked cars, and the like. In some circumstances, dragging a hoseline can seriously injure anyone in the vicinity, including firefighters and civilians.

Driving over a charged hoseline could cause the hose to burst, which will destroy your water supply to those members actively fighting the fire. The pressure that a vehicle will place on a charged hoseline is tremendous. When pressure is applied to a hoseline that is resting on an asphalt road or other sharp surface (such as a curb), it may cause the hose to slice or rupture. Use a hose ramp of find another way around. A burst hoseline can become a dangerous missile that will seriously injure anyone in the vicinity.

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