Protect Your Elm Trees: Do Not Prune from April 1 to August 31

The annual ban on pruning elm trees in Saskatchewan begins April 1 and runs until August 31. It is illegal to prune elm trees during this time to help stop the spread of Dutch elm disease (DED).

As the weather warms, the tiny elm bark beetles that spread DED become more active. Fresh cuts on trees can attract the insects, making an infection more likely.

The beetles breed in dead and dying elm wood, so pruning your trees before or after the ban period helps reduce beetle populations. This will also help keep your trees healthy and better able to resist disease. You can remove an elm tree during the ban period, but it’s important to dispose of all elm wood promptly and properly. To confirm the designated disposal site in your area, contact your local municipality.

Incorrect pruning can damage your trees and spread diseases. Check the qualifications of anyone you hire to prune your trees. In Saskatchewan, those who prune elm trees commercially must complete a recognized training program or be under the supervision of someone who is properly trained.

To prevent the spread of DED, as well as other insects and diseases, it is illegal to use, transport, store or sell elm firewood. Regulations also restrict the use, transport, storage and sale of elm logs.

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