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Ocean DeBusschere Provides Kindersley and Area with Certified Athletic Therapy

For anyone looking for an excellent Certified Athletic Therapist, look no further than Ocean DeBusschere of Make Waves Therapy & Fitness.

DeBusschere grew up in Dodsland Saskatchewan and now lives on a farm south of Kindersley with her fiancé and two dogs. A certified first responder, she splits her time between working as a part-time oilfield medic with Zephyr Safety Corp, and is a business owner/operator and certified athletic therapist of Make Waves Therapy & Fitness.

Having gone to school at Mount Royal University in Calgary she obtained a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education with a major in Athletic Therapy.

“During my degree, I worked with a variety of sports teams including basketball, volleyball, football, wrestling and track & field events including pole-vault.

I chose Athletic Therapy because I wanted to become a healthcare professional that assists individuals in getting back to their normal. When I was dancing I suffered an injury and felt that more could be done during my rehabilitation. I felt my healthcare professionals at the time did not understand the athletic, mental and physical abilities needed to return to my activities safely. I believe that putting the patient first is the most important aspect of any rehabilitation plan,” she shared.

DeBusschere explained that with athletic therapy she gets the best of both worlds. “In the clinic, I am able to treat people and rehabilitate them. In the field, I manage and assess any emergent scenarios as well as manage and treat acute injuries that occur. With the field services, I would provide preseason concussion testing for all athletes on the team who I am with to have a baseline with in case a concussion occurs during the season. My other favourite thing about the profession is that athletic therapists are one of few health care professionals that can follow an injury through the whole continuum of care. For example, if I am a hockey team’s Athletic Therapist and an athlete gets injured during one of their games I am able to assess that injury on the ice or on the bench and determine if they are fit to return to their sport. I can apply a tape job or find them a brace so they are able to keep participating in their sports games and practices. Lastly, I can also see them in the clinic and provide a rehabilitation plan to improve their physical abilities needed for their sport or activities as well as correct any compensation or postural deviations to return them completely and confidently to their sport or activity.”

When asked what her favourite part of her profession is? “It’s honestly really hard to decide. I would have to say helping individuals get better and seeing the joy and accomplishment in their emotions and reactions when they see or feel improvement in their symptoms and/or physical abilities.”

Currently, DeBusschere offers clinical services in Kindersley at the WCEC in the Wellness Room on Mondays and Fridays. Clinical services are available in Kerrobert once a week as of April 14th, 2022.

DeBusschere also hopes to provide field services to sports teams in the West Central area, while also aiming to teach barre classes once or twice a week in the area.

To book or discuss your options for therapy with DeBusschere please reach her at: makewavestherapyfitness.janeapp.com (preferred method). Alternatively, you can call 306 463 7401 or email: makewaves.therapyfitness@gmail.com

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