Moisture: Feast or Famine In Saskatchewan

By Jenny Hagan
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Feast or famine, that seems to be the way of moisture here in Saskatchewan. That’s the weather story we are seeing the spring of 2022. As the west central area appears to be still wrought in this drought cycle with little in the way of moisture our neighbours in Southeast Saskatchewan and Southern Manitoba it’s a different story appearing for spring. Flooding risks are raising in the area as a series of Colorado lows continue to hammer those areas. This coming up weekend April 29th another system is set up to hit the same area the third week in a row dropping another 50mm+ rain for some areas in the path.

It’s not clear yet if this active storm track is going to continue into May for these areas but the partially frozen ground will have issues sucking up the barrage of rain and snow being dumped. All eyes will be on the east as the raising risk of major flooding is climbing every week.

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