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Is ‘New Profile Pic’ App a Scam?

The new app, NewProfilePic (also New Profile Picture Editor), has taken the internet by storm.

The app which uses artificial intelligence to turn your profile picture into a painting enables users to convert their photos to AI-generated portraits.

Created by Informe Laboratories, Inc. the same app developing group that released the popular ToonMe and Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art apps, has made NewProfilePic available in over 100 countries and in up to 10 different languages.

The application is free however many have claimed the app to be Russian-based and a phishing scam – though these reports are currently unconfirmed. Another popular social media rumor claimed that people had money taken out of their bank accounts shortly after downloading this app.

Experts have warned users to be wary of the app as it collects large amounts of personal data.

As always, users should do their due diligence to understand the privacy policies of an app before downloading it.

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