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​District Badminton Tournaments Held in Biggar and Kindersley

The West Central Junior Badminton District Championships were held in Biggar on April 30. A big thank you goes to Jennelle Minish and the staff/students at Biggar Central School 2000 (BCS2000) for their incredible job of hosting this event.

The following schools entered teams in this tournament: Lucky Lake, Outlook High, Dinsmore, Elrose, Beechy, Rosetown Central High, BCS2000, St. Gabes (Biggar), Kindersley Composite, Elizabeth Middle (Kindersley), Eaton (Eatonia), Davidson, Eston and Kenaston.

The District winners were:
Girls Singles – Hailey Burton (Rosetown)
Boys Singles – RJ Dalisay (St. Gabes)
Girls Doubles – Arexie Espino and Keziah Reid (Rosetown)
Boys Doubles – Emmett Ryland and Noel Thopplian (Eston)
Mixed Doubles – Alex Elstad and Sierra Tully (Dinsmore)

Also on April 30, the West Central Senior Badminton Districts were held at Kindersley Composite School. Eugene Bucko, Lisa Herman as well as the staff and students at Kindersley Composite School did a tremendous job hosting this year’s event.

The following schools entered teams in this tournament: BCS2000, Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute (LCBI-Outlook), Dinsmore, Westcliffe Composite (Marengo), Kenaston, Rosetown High, Loreburn, Kyle, Kindersley Composite, North West Central School (Plenty), Eston, Outlook High and Eaton (Eatonia).

The District winners were:

Girls Singles – Danielle Reimer (LCBI)
Boys Singles – Abe Genis (Biggar)
Girls Doubles – Paige Colley and Mikayla Brummund (Eston)
Boys Doubles – Cameron Hardene & Hayden McMahon (Biggar)
Mixed Doubles – Joni Perryshyn and AJ Hettrich (Outlook)

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