623 People Caught Driving While Suspended in April

Keep safe driving habits in mind.

The results of the April Traffic Safety Spotlight are in, and it seems that the importance of having a valid licence and an insured vehicle didn’t register with some Saskatchewan drivers.

During April, SGI and police partnered together with law enforcement in the province reporting:

  • 623 people driving while suspended
  • 695 people driving unregistered vehicles

Both of those activities can lead to serious consequences: costly fines, vehicle impoundments, and a lack of insurance coverage.

Police were on the lookout for much more than suspended drivers or unregistered vehicles, however. They also reported the following numbers from “The Big Four”;

  • 337 impaired drivers, including 247 drivers who were charged with Criminal Code offences,
  • 5,750 drivers who were speeding or driving aggressively;
  • 259 tickets for not wearing a seatbelt, wearing it incorrectly or having children improperly restrained; and
  • 535 distracted drivers, including 355 drivers ticketed for using a mobile device.

As we head into summer we should all be aware that highways may be extra busy with road trip traffic. Wherever you are headed, please drive sober, avoid distractions, obey posted speed limits, and buckle up. And, of course, make sure you only drive if you’re legally allowed to do so, and your vehicle is registered.

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