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KAC Reminds Residents to Bring Progress Cards to the First Day of Swimming Lessons

With swimming lessons starting, the Kindersley aquatic Centre is reminding residents to bring their child’s progress report to your first day of lessons.

This gives your current instructor enough time to read through your child’s progress card while allowing them to create the most productive lesson plan for everyone’s needs and abilities. Plus it helps keep all your information together and consistent!

Each item in the Red Cross program needs to be successfully completed a minimum of three times based off the Performance Criteria that Red Cross sets out in their Instructor Worksheet.

If a Progress Card isn’t provided it is up to the facility along with the instructor to evaluate the candidate based on their swimming ability, the safety of the candidate, the safety of the instructor and the safety of other candidates in the class.

For further information, you can reach out to 306-463-2082.

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