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KFD’s Public Education Team in Possession of Education Trailer

The Kindersley Fire Brigade’s Public Education Team is excited to share some exciting news. They are now in possession of a 41’ public education trailer. The trailer itself houses three different rooms for simulated scenarios.

Scenario Room One is a fully furnished bedroom that allows the team to use various props to teach children how to prevent smoke from entering their rooms, to feel for hot doors, and how to safety open a window or door for escape. Inside the room are two different smoke props, smoke alarms, a heated door and a fully functioning window with an escape ladder.

Scenario Room Two houses a mock kitchen. It has a on oven fire that can spread to the stove top and a garbage can. This prop allows the team to teach PASS ( pull, aim, squeeze and sweep) to use a laser fire extinguisher. It also allows them to teach how to safety remove a heat source something like an oven or stove and the “do and don’ts.”

Scenario Room Three has a propane prop, an electrical fire, and a chemical wash bin fire prop. This room teaches how to properly remove or isolate a hazardous condition. It also allows the team to teach lock out and tag out for an isolated piece of equipment. From every room you are able to make a call to a mock 911 dispatcher.

“This trailer is an addition to our community that will allow us to make every home a little safer. Thank you to The Town of Kindersley and the RM 290 for making this all possible. We have also teamed up with some major sponsors so that this trailer can be shared all throughout the province at any point in time to those who would like to borrow it. There sponsorships will maintain the trailer and cover its operational costs for many years. We would like to thank those that have already committed to sponsorships:

Kelly agencies LTD – Kindersley
Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs – Sask
Sea Hawk – Saskatchewan / Manitoba
Thompson Bearing and Farm- Luseland
Valley towing – Kindersley
Kubota – Luseland

If you or your business is interested in partnering on the trailer please reach out to us at firepubed@kindersley.ca”, shared Deputy Chief Mitchel Hope.

Deputy Chief Mitchel Hope
Protective Services
Kindersley Fire Brigade
Cell 306-430-8018

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