Driver Charged After Speeding Through Construction Zone

A flag person had to move for their safety while working in a construction zone last week.

A 54-year-old male driver who passed other motorists (including an RCMP officer) and sped through a Highway #10 construction zone and was ultimately charged with Dangerous Operation of a Conveyance, flight from a peace officer and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

“This incident occurred in a construction zone – placing the safety of both construction workers and all other motorists who were stopped at risk,” says S/Sgt. Jason Sauve, White Butte RCMP Detachment Commander. “We want the people who witnessed this incident to know this individual was located by police and charged. We all must work together to ensure the safety of those working in construction zones – please slow down.”

*This incident occurred around 5-10 kilometers west of the Edgeley turnoff on Highway #10.

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