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Kindersley Chamber Feature Awaken Body Piercing

605 Main Street.  Now why does that number sound familiar?  Of course!  That’s the home of Awaken Body Piercing Studio owned and run by Misty and Chris Green. 

Need a piercing?  They do that!  Need some jewelry? They carry that too!  Awaken opened up on November 1st 2020 and they got the go-ahead from the Health dept. to do piercings on the 15th.  When asked why they decided to open up their specialty business, Misty said “ We wanted to bring a business to Kindersley that wasn’t here”. 

Business has been steady, Misty is there daily and Chris continues to work at an outside job as well as do piercings in the evening & eye lash extensions.   I asked Chris, which is pierced more? Ears or nose?  Believe it or not, Chris said it can be a toss-up.  Some weeks we do more ears and other weeks more noses.  They also do piercings to other body parts but you will have to ask them about that!  I asked them also what was their motivation to opening a body piercing studio? Seems that they like working together and this is the perfect way to do it.  Both have done courses for piercing so everything is done properly and the whole shop is certified, sanitized and safe.

Since opening in 2020 they have expanded into offering eyelash extensions, semi-permanent makeup, meso needling, brow tinting and lip blushing. They have brought in a line of crystals as well, they are always trying to bring new things in that no other place in Kindersley offers.

There is also an adult store inside Awaken and that is something else that wasn’t available to the people of Kindersley and area.  It is very private and there is no need to feel embarrassed or shy.  They will offer to have private “shopping” after hours if you are so inclined. 

Misty is from Nova Scotia and has made Kindersley her home for the past 16 years.  Chris is from Saskatoon and has also settled down here.  Because of all the hours they both work, Chris said sometimes the yard work suffers & it is difficult to make time for themselves but they make due.

All in all, Awaken Body Piercing is a very relaxing place to be in.  Soothing music and a calming décor puts you at ease if your visit there is your first.  Both Misty and Chris are professional in their manner and procedures.  They understand how to treat people and discuss and help people with their decisions about piercings.   They know they need to be adaptable to what their clients want!


Visit them today or call them at 306-460-8379

Facebook, Instagram or email them at 

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