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Learning Loss Is Not Just for Kids; How You Can Catch Up

Some evidence suggests that during periods of time without learning, we can lose some of the knowledge and skills we have acquired. While this learning loss is sometimes thought of in terms of kids coming back to school with rusty reading and math skills after summer break, it can actually happen to anyone. Our brain functioning can become static, and it comes back to the saying, “use it or lose it.”

While the basketballer Allen Iverson once shunned “practice,” claiming he was “all about the game,” most amateur and professional athletes would likely support the notion that a strong regimen of practicing your skills is key to staying sharp and ready to compete. This idea can apply broadly when it comes to everyday skills too – like communication or writing.

For instance, during the pandemic we all experienced a string of changes and uncertainty due to things like illness, layoffs or working from home. The world has shifted so much that it’s really no surprise if you’ve lost ground on some of your skills. If you feel that your skills in areas like communication or technology might be lagging, know there are resources like ABC Skills Hub that can help you to catch up or supplement your learning. This platform provides free courses on money skills, work skills and others, and is fully accessible across different devices.

It’s a great option for adults to help boost your skills for the job market. You can catch up and use your own initiative to bounce back and get in the good habit of practicing your learning.

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