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Watching Our Garden Grow

This summer, we were given the opportunity to grow a garden in the plot at the Clearview
Community Church! With lots of help from Leona, we have already been enjoying the fruits of
our labour!

In April, we made a list of what everyone would like to try growing and set off shopping for
seeds. We started many seeds indoors while the weather was still chilly, some that were not
supposed to be started, we found out later. We will hopefully remember to read the packages
next year.

Our thumbs are not very green and while some of our seedlings thrived, others wilted and died.
At the end of May, we took the plants that had made it and planted at the garden, along with
more seeds. Our garden is growing well, and individuals are enjoying regular visits to help with
weeding and watering each week.

There are so many physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits to growing a garden and
spending time outdoors. This opportunity each year is priceless in its value to our program!
On July 26, we packed up our lunches and met Leona at the garden for a picnic under the trees!
It was a wonderful time where we visited, played games, and enjoyed the outdoors!
Many thanks to the Clearview Community Church for sharing their space with us yet again and
to Leona for her help with the garden and the picnic!

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