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Kevin & Ron – Taking Podcasting to Another Level

At the ripe old age of 62, Kevin has certainly seen a few things in life and now seems the best time to talk about what he has seen and done!

“I was born in Selkirk, MB. but my dad moved us into Winnipeg when I was 1 so that’s basically where I was raised.  Growing up and moving around seemed to be the norm. Having lived in 4 provinces and the N.W.T. has given me a certain perspective on life and now, having Ron Baker as an on-air partner has helped me to relive and remember a lot of the crazy times and experiences.  

Broadcasting and being in front of the camera hasn’t always been easy.  Even though radio and tv broadcast training was taken back in 1979, it still takes some getting used to. Being shy by nature (although not many people who know me would believe me), this has been a lot of fun and I get to meet/interview many awesome people; from local business people to celebrities. This ride called life IS exciting!

As the current Executive Director for the Kindersley & District Chamber of Commerce, I feel I am in a unique position to comment on many subjects. It seems that the more you do and give, more opportunities avail themselves to you.

My wife Melissa has been extremely supportive of my “hobbies” and is always there as my # 1 fan! To the many many people I have met in my journey through life, I thank each and every one of them. Everyone taught me something, whether I needed to hear it or not!  Even my kids and grandson are still taking me to school. So take chances and stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. Life is to be lived.” 

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