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I am a Kindersley boy.

Born in 1953 in Kindersley, my father was Calvin Baker – also born in Kindersley (1918). My Grandfather, Carl Baker, homesteaded on the other side of the Motherwell dam in 1909. I am now retired in Kindersley.

The first few years of my life were spent on the original homestead. My father sold the farm and we moved to Saskatoon. Our next move was to Moose Jaw as I was beginning elementary school. Toronto became the venue for my Junior high years and into my senior high years. A return to Saskatchewan (Regina) in 1969 allowed me to complete high school at Campbell Collegiate (1971).

By 1976, after completing a bachelor’s degree, I began a forty year journey into the whole area of Christian ministry. The first stop was back to Kindersley to serve as an assistant pastor at the Kindersley Alliance Church. My next venture was to complete two Master’s degrees (Divinity and Library Science) to further my effectiveness in my chosen profession. Beginning in 1986 I spent eight years as a Registrar (and unofficial archivist) at Canadian Theological Seminary. The transition to directing a music program at the Prince Albert Alliance Church happened in 1994. My next transition was into a lead pastor role back at the Kindersley Alliance Church in 2005.

Retiring in 2015, I sought out avenues of continued service to others. For fun, I began to write for Kindersley Social in 2016. Two books were published and my love of writing was confirmed.

I have not lost my passion for rural and small churches. I continue to serve as director of the Canadian Small Church Ministry Centre (affiliated with Small Church Connections). I also teach and serve as librarian at Eston College where pastoral training is given. You can also find me singing in churches and other settings and enjoying preaching on occasion.

Finally, family!! I am one of seven children of Calvin and Mary Baker. I married Jill Cooper in 1976 and we adopted two children. In 2012, after almost 35 years of marriage, Jill passed away from chronic heart problems she had experienced since childhood. I remarried to Cynthia (nee Warkentin) and am step-father to four more children. I have four grandchildren!

Life has never been dull!

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