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“Close Before You Doze” Says Kindersley Fire

Hello, Cody Phinney here again with another update from the Kindersley Fire Brigade.

Just a reminder that most R.M.s are under fire bans, including ours. Please check with local authorities for rules and regulations regarding fires in your area regularly. The R.M. of Kindersley 290 is currently under a ban, but the Town of Kindersley is not. But that still means you should be fire smart, as it has been increasingly hot and dry in the area.

I would also like to discuss the importance of closing bedroom doors every night. Closing bedroom doors has been proven to give you more time to escape in the event of a house fire. Close before you doze. For example, 50% of deaths residential structure fire deaths occur between 11:00pm and 7:00am. 29% of those deaths did not have their doors closed. The Underwriters Laboratory organized an experiment and made a video to show how a fire moves through a home, and it compares bedroom doors closed vs doors open. The experiment showed significant benefits to having your door closed during a fire. A closed bedroom door, even with a fire on the other side, can keep the temperature in the room below 37 degrees Celsius as well as keeping carbon monoxide levels under 100ppm. Compared to having your doors open, the temperatures can easily exceed 377 degrees Celsius with carbon monoxide levels over 10000ppm.

Another not so fun fact is in the mid 1900’s, the building construction gave on average about 17 minutes to escape your home, compared to modern construction which is on average 3 minutes or less. This is also a key factor for why we need to know and plan at least two escape routes, especially with young children in the home. Remember to Close before you Doze. To view the video, please visit our Facebook page.

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