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The KFD Has Been Busy!

Hello, Cody Phinney here again with another update from the Kindersley Fire Brigade.

The Kindersley Fire Department Public Education team has been very busy lately! They were able to participate in the Goose Festival parade, as well as get the new PudEd trailer around town for viewings. They been spending the last couple Fridays at Westberry Elementary school with the trailer teaching the young kids important fire safety skills. The trailer comes equipped with multiple scenarios including an industrial setting, a kitchen, as well as a bedroom scenario. The kids have been great and have even hand coloured some thank you notes for our Public Education team.

Currently the Kindergarten to grade 6 classes are participating in our Name the Goose contest. Students have been given a colouring sheet with our new Goose logo on it to colour and pick a name for the Goose. Our PubEd team will be voting on the best ones at the end of November. The winning name and picture will win a pizza party for their whole class.

Fire won’t wait, plan your escape! Parents should practice fire drills in their home with their children on a regular basis. It’s important that kids know two ways out of their bedroom at all times. This usually means a window or door. Best practice is to make sure that there is a way for them to access that window, usually a dresser or a chair if in a bedroom placed under the window. Children should also know how to open and get out of the window safely. Always teach your family to turn on a light during an emergency, it signals to a firefighter that there is or was someone in that room that needs to be accounted for.

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