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Provinces Oppose Proposed Expanded Firearms Ban

Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are united in opposing a proposed ban that would affect hundreds of thousands of firearms owners in Western Canada:

On November 22, through last-minute amendments to Bill C-21, the federal government moved to ban hundreds of new models of legally owned firearms and shotguns.

The amendments will criminalize hunters, farmers and target shooters who collectively own hundreds of thousands of firearms that could soon be prohibited.

“If these amendments are allowed to proceed, Bill C-21 will be the most sweeping and arbitrary ban of firearms in Canadian history. The federal Liberals claimed that they were never going after hunters, farmers and target shooters – they lied. This is clearly part of a push to ban legal firearms ownership altogether.” Tyler Shandro, Minister of Justice for Alberta

“The rifles and shotguns that law-abiding Saskatchewan farmers, hunters, and sport shooters use will soon be confiscated by the Trudeau – NDP government. These men and women will be criminalized overnight. Saskatchewan will not stand idly by while the federal government yet again attacks law-abiding citizens instead of focusing on crime.” Christine Tell, Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety for Saskatchewan

“Manitoba continues to raise significant concerns regarding the proposed measures that will punish law-abiding firearms owners while doing little to address illegal importation of firearms from the United States. The federal government should focus its attention and resources on illegally imported firearms, and those who commit crime with guns, instead of measures that target law abiding citizens. Manitoba’s government stands united with Saskatchewan and Alberta in opposing the federal Liberal government’s confiscation plans.” Kelvin Goertzen Minister of Justice and Attorney General for Manitoba.

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