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Sask. Author Releases Latest Children’s Book

Saskatchewan author uses her childhood memories of growing up on a SK farm, as well as life raising children on a farm, as inspiration for her newest children’s book.

“The Day Petunia Had Piglets in the Strawberry Patch” is Melanie Larson’s newest book, book number three in the Adventures of the Barnyard Boys” book series. When you grow up on a farm with different kinds of farm animals, there are always surprises and exciting things happening. This book is all about a new pet pig named Petunia that the family adopts and the big surprise she gives them one day. The book also has goats, horses, cattle and more. At the end of the book, there is a search page with details about each animal’s role on the farm. Cattle and chickens provide food, etc. Children should learn where their food comes from and that the people raising livestock take good care of their animals humanely with food and shelter.

Melanie’s other two illustrated books in the Adventures of the Barnyard Boys book series are called The Day I Lost My Bear in Cypress Hills and The Day I Discovered a Dinosaur Bone. These books depict life in Saskatchewan and include neat facts about Cypress Hills and dinosaur research in Saskatchewan.

This is the sixth book that Melanie has published. She has three books in the Educational Tractors book series that use real life tractor photos to teach children to count to 50 (Count Them! 50 Tractor Troubles), learn the upper and lower case of the alphabet (The Alphabet Construction Troubles), as well as a colours book (The Colours in Tractor Troubles). Even the most reluctant reader will pick up these books and have a good laugh. Some people even buy them for their dads and Grandpas to enjoy! Melanie tries to write books that she knows her children will enjoy and books that can be read over and over that parents enjoy too. She aims to include humour, adventure and learning in all her books.

Aside from Amazon and Indigo, Melanie has her books for sale in over 40 “shop local” stores in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. For more information about Melanie’s books and for the complete list of stores, check out her website at

Photo Credits: Melanie Larson

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