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​Westcliffe Principal Receives Jubilee Medal

By Sun West School Divison

Erin Pincemin, a long-time teacher in the Kindersley area and currently Principal at Westcliffe Composite School in Marengo was one of several people recognized for their contributions to education at a ceremony in Kindersley on December 2.

Mrs. Pincemin received the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal from Ken Francis, the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Kindersley, who also nominated her for the award. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal honours Queen Elizabeth II’s commitment to service and pays tribute to Saskatchewan citizens who have devoted their time and effort to serving others in Canada, Saskatchewan and their communities. Saskatchewan residents were invited to nominate individuals they believe have made significant contributions to their communities and several thousand of these medals have been awarded around the province.

Pictured above: Erin Pincemin (right) receives the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal from Ken Francis, MLA for Kindersley (left).

Mrs. Pincemin was among four individuals with a background in education nominated by Mr. Francis and they all received their awards with 36 other people from a variety of fields. Mr. Francis said of the education award recipients: “All these individuals have shown tireless dedication and commitment to their careers, students and communities in the Kindersley area. This group is very well known to me. From my youngest years of school in Eatonia, to the years my kids attended Sun West schools in Kindersley, this group has had a such a positive impact, on not just me and my family, but all the students and families in their respective school circles. I hope these medal presentations signify that the exceptional work (both past and present) of these individuals (and those like them), has been and continues to be valued and appreciated.”

Mrs. Pincemin started her teaching career with Sun West in 1999, at Kindersley Composite School (KCS) and has taught in Sun West ever since. At KCS she taught, at various times, Physical Education, Home Economics, English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Health and Practical and Applied Arts. She taught in both regular middle years to high school classrooms and in 2011 became the Student Support teacher at KCS. From 2017-2021, she taught at the Kindersley Independent Alternate Program (IndEP) and moved to the Student Support teacher position in Marengo at Westcliffe Composite School in the Fall of 2021. She became the Principal there in the Fall of 2022.

“I grew up in the northern part of Saskatchewan on a farm near Leoville,” explained Mrs. Pincemin, “I moved to Kindersley as a new teacher following convocation from the University of Saskatchewan and married a farmer from the area. We own a cattle and grain farm halfway between Kindersley and Marengo. We have two daughters who are very involved in their schools, through clubs and sports. I am proud to work in both the education as well as the agricultural sectors of this great province.”

Mrs. Pincemin is widely admired by her peers. Blain Hilbig, who was Principal of KCS and who is now a Superintendent of Operations responsible for Westcliffe Composite School said: “Erin had a huge impact at KCS and IndEP with her ability to build strong relationships with both staff and students. She encouraged students to make good choices and challenge themselves to be the best version of themselves. Her sense of humour and caring personality is missed at KCS. She continues her positive influence in her new role at Westcliffe as the Principal. Her willingness to learn and empower staff and students has been welcomed. Erin always has the best interest of whomever she is working with, most notably students!”

“I feel both honoured and humbled to receive the amazing recognition bestowed upon me in the form of the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal.” Said Mrs. Pincemin. “I have admired and respected Queen Elizabeth II for my entire life and so this presentation is particularly meaningful to me.” Mrs. Pincemin added.

“During my 23.5 years of working in the Sun West School Division, I have enjoyed a variety of roles. Each one has brought a new adventure and a vital piece to my life in both experience and the joy found in forming new relationships with students as well as colleagues. I am proud to call the West Central area my home. I still feel happiness every day at getting to do what I love for a living through the opportunities Sun West has entrusted me with in the Kindersley and Marengo communities. I wish to express my gratitude to the office of Ken Francis, MLA for selecting me for this special honour.” Mrs. Pincemin said.

The other educators nominated by Ken Francis and recognized with a Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal were Steve Mealey of Eatonia who received his award posthumously for contributions in both education and arts. His medal was accepted by his friends and colleagues, Chris Oscar, the Principal of Westberry Elementary School and Colleen Oscar-Swan, the Music Teacher at Elizabeth Middle School; and retired teachers Betty King of Eatonia and Candice Besharah of Kindersley.

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