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Kindersley Fire Continuing to Train Towards Certificates

Hello, Cody Phinney back for another update from the Kindersley Fire Brigade.

Members of the KFD are continuing to train towards their NFPA 1001 level professional firefighter certifications. This last week members were evaluated on their basic skills knowledge, which helps make sure members both new and old know all the skills and policies inside and out. These skills are also part of the NFPA 1001 evaluations. We’ve also set up another class for the 1072 HazMat Awareness and Operations course for any of our members who didn’t get the opportunity to take it in the spring. The NFPA 1072 certification is a required precursor for the NFPA 1001 certifications.

Our Public Education team is wrapping up a few events for the year in the next couple weeks. They have two more events scheduled at Westberry Elementary School, and one scheduled at Elizabeth Middle School. There is also a few in hall tours for the Pre-Kindergarten classes as well. We also had the Name the Goose colouring contest wrap up with a Kindergarten student from Westberry winning the pizza party for their whole class. The winning name for our Goose mascot is “Tripp”. Congratulations Haddie! To see the top four submissions, visit our Facebook page.

With the snow and cold weather piling back on again, its important to continue to keep possible emergencies in mind. One often overlooked safety practice in the winter is maintaining two ways out of your room or house. Its important to remove all snow from both your front door, and your back door of your house, as well as away from basement windows. Doing this makes sure you have a safe escape route, and we have an accessible access point if we needed one. And don’t forget to keep your furnace exhaust vents free from ice and snow. Covered or blocked vents can be a carbon monoxide hazard for you and your family.

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