$1 Million Invested into Swine Disease Preparedness

Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit has announced $700,000 in funding to support swine disease mitigation efforts. Sask Pork will also be providing $300,000 toward a swine market disruption plan, which will help industry respond to potential market closures due to an animal health emergency event such as African swine fever.

“Mitigation of, preparedness for, and response to animal diseases are all critical factors in supporting the Saskatchewan swine industry,” Marit said. “This funding will support a healthy hog sector and protect hog producers and abattoirs during potential market disruptions.”

The funding will support the creation of a cull line at the sow processing facility Donald’s Fine Foods is constructing in Moose Jaw, allowing for humane slaughter of domestic hogs if a serious swine disease outbreak ever temporarily stopped trade.

“Ensuring Saskatchewan’s pork industry is positioned to respond to a potential market disruption and safeguard animal welfare is key to the continued success of the sector,” North 49 Foods CEO Allan Leung said. “We are pleased to play a role in this important plan.”

African swine fever (ASF) is a viral disease that only impacts pigs. To date, ASF has never been detected in Canada.

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