Crown Land Grazing Rates Adjusted for 2023

The Government of Saskatchewan is freezing the 2023 rate charged to producers who lease Crown grazing land. Additionally, for 2023, lessees who must reduce their stocking rates on Crown land due to ongoing dry conditions will be eligible for a rent reduction to a maximum of 50 per cent.

Saskatchewan’s Crown grazing rates are established annually using a formula based on fall cattle prices and the long-term stocking rate of each parcel of land. This year’s rate freeze will apply to all grazing leases across the province.

“Saskatchewan’s livestock sector is facing increasing costs of production in addition to successive years of low precipitation in many areas of the province,” Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit said. “Keeping this year’s grazing rate at 2022 levels, and implementing reductions for Crown grazing lands hardest hit by drought, will assist producers through the current challenges while supporting the continued stewardship and productivity of the land.”

A 2023 rent reduction will apply in situations where an individual lessee or pasture association must reduce the number of animals grazing Crown leases by 20 per cent or more, compared to the approved long-term carrying capacity of that land. The 2023 rate reduction will match the reduction in carrying capacity, ranging from a 20 per cent rate reduction up to a maximum of 50 per cent.

Saskatchewan has about six million acres of Crown land under grazing leases.

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