Jenny Chats With Curler Kelly Schafer

Pursuing your passions isn’t always an easy feat. Being a wife and mother can make that seem
near impossible at times, juggling the busy schedules of home and children and balancing that
with your personal passions and goals. I sat down with curler Kelly Schafer, a Third on Team
Saskatchewan to discuss some of the challenges in pursuing her passion and the excitement
leading into the 2023 Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Kamloops BC.

Swift Current resident Kelly Schafer has competed in the Olympics three times and is now semiretired. Getting back into competitive curling wasn’t really forefront of her mind as she happily
focused on family. When the offer to curl with Silvernagle came up sort of last minute to make
a run to qualify for the Provincial Scotties in Estevan Saskatchewan, she jumped at the chance
because it fits with where she was in life right now. Not having to do a full-season commitment
meant being able to make room for her passion and love of competitive curling.

She commends the women in the sport of curling, especially those with young children. With
duties at home and work combined with all the practice and travel that goes into competitive
curling. They juggle a lot to make it work.

Team Silvernagle defiantly made it work. They took the 8-4 win in the finals against Nancy
Martin in the provincial Scotties in Estevan to become Team Saskatchewan. Kelly says it’s “A
huge honour” to be able to sport that green jacket and represent Saskatchewan.

Coming from Scotland twelve years ago, it had been a dream since moving here to play in the
Scotties Tournament of Hearts one day. They watched the tournament from Scotland every
year. “Canadians are the best curling fans” nothing compares to playing for those large crowds
in big arenas. After a variety of things prevented that dream from becoming reality it’s exciting
to see that dream come true 10 years later.

Kelly’s Husband, Jerrod Schafer, has always been one of her biggest fans and supporters over
the years. He has always encouraged and pushed her to continue pursuing her passions, even
when Kelly felt she couldn’t with their busy life. Falling in love with her when she attended the
2010 world Championships in Swift Current, he’s always seen the amazing talent his wife holds,
never giving up believing in the great things she could accomplish in the sport of Curling. He is
excited that family, friends and the Nation will get the opportunity to see that passion and
talent firsthand.

Kelly’s Husband Jerrod and 8-year-old son Darby will be accompanying her to The Scotties
Tournament of Hearts on February 17th-26th in Kamloops BC. It’s extra special for her to share
this dream come true with two of her biggest fans.

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