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A Little Bit of Magic

We were lucky to be able to attend a wonderful magic show presented by the Kindersley & District Arts Council in January. Sheldon Cassavant put on a great show which was enjoyed by everyone in attendance. It was especially an exciting night for Tyson as he was chosen to come on stage and help out with some of the show.

Tyson had the task of fastening the magician into a straight jacket and timing his escape! Tyson assured me that he fastened the straps as tight as he could but the magician was still able to escape!

Everyone in the audience was give the opportunity to see how some of the magic is done as Sheldon took the time to teach how to do some of his tricks! It was a wonderful night and we look forward to attending more events hosted by the Arts Council this year!

Thanks to the Rick and Bev McDougall for donating tickets in order for us to attend.

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