March is Agriculture Literacy Month in Province

Saskatchewan has declared March as Agriculture Literacy Month once. This initiative aims to introduce students of all ages to the field of agriculture through presentations conducted by industry volunteers.

Agriculture Minister David Marit highlighted the importance of connecting the youth to agriculture, stating that industry experts can help educate children about the effort that goes into producing high-quality food in the province.

Industry volunteers from various levels of food production will join classrooms throughout March to share their personal experiences and presentations with students. Education Minister Dustin Duncan expressed gratitude towards the volunteers and stated that agriculture literacy involves teaching the youth that agriculture is not just about growing food, but also includes land management, sustainable practices, technological innovations, and natural resources like water and soil systems.

For several years, Agriculture in the Classroom has been a crucial organization in Saskatchewan. This year, the focus is on agricultural stewardship, emphasizing the importance of the relationship between producers and the environment. Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan Executive Director Sara Shymko acknowledged the significance of volunteers in the success of Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month. She mentioned that volunteers who share their personal agriculture and food stories in classrooms help inspire the next generation of agriculture leaders and change-makers with their passion and story.

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