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Will the Beach Damage The Natural Area Around the Motherwell Reservoir?

Recently we have had a few residents reach out, expressing their concerns that the beach at the Motherwell Reservoir could possible cause damage or wreck the natural area out there.

The Town of Kindersley shared this information with us.

“Most people don’t realize the entire Motherwell Reservoir is a man-made water body. It was constructed originally as the water source for Kindersley. It was completely dug out by men and everything that we see there today is completely man-made. The beach, also man-made is an enhancement to the current area. Once the Motherwell Reservoir was no longer needed as Kindersley’s water source or even our secondary water source, the area began to be turned into a recreational area. This is when the walking trails and then fishing dock were planned and constructed. 

The beach itself has been a long awaited project as the original walking trail committee had it slated in their long-term strategic plan. Our Council then began taking over this planning in hopes to provide a free outdoor recreation area that residents can utilize. Not everyone has the ability to vacation to lakes throughout the summer and this should provide a great place for activities like kayaking, paddle boarding / boating, sandcastle building, etc. 

We caution that it will take time for the water quality to completely clear. But with our ability now to add untreated water, the addition of two more aerating fountains and safe water treatment for the fish and aquatic species, it is planned these will control things like the blue algae and turn the stagnant water into water safe for swimming. We do have an indoor swimming pool for swimming so the intent of this beach is not to take away from the pool. It is for providing a place for families and the community to come together in the outdoors.” 

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