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Edge Realty: Land for Tender in RM of Chesterfield #261

For Sale $135,000
Listing #L202391
Listing Agent: Brad Edgerton

R.M. of Chesterfield # 261

Land all W3rd Acres Assessment Annual Gas Revenue

NW 16-25-25 144 151,000 2000

SW 10-25-25 156 185,000 0

SE 10-25-25 130 134,600 0

Conditions of Offers:

All offers and inquiries to be submitted on or before Thursday, October 12, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.
Highest or any offers not necessarily accepted
Persons submitting offers must rely on their own research, inspection of land as to conditions and No. of acres
Deposit cheque for 5% of the offered amount must accompany the offer. Cheque made payable to Edge Realty Ltd. in Trust (cheques will be returned to unsuccessful bidders)
No offers will be considered which are subject to financing
Mineral rights not included
Please forward all bids and inquiries to:

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