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KAWS Looking for Foster Homes

Unlike conventional shelters, KAWS does not have an actual building to keep their animals in. Instead, they rely on a network of foster homes—loving families that are willing to give temporary homes to unwanted dogs and cats. They believe that the best way to help abused, neglected and abandoned animals is to heal them with a caring and loving home environment.

If you want to make a difference in an animal’s life but aren’t ready for the huge commitment of adopting an animal, then perhaps fostering may interest you! KAWS will pay for food and any necessary supplies that the animal needs, as well as any medical expenses that are incurred, so when you foster you are still making a huge difference in that animal’s life without the financial commitment. And if at any time you decide that you cannot continue to foster the animal, KAWS will find it another foster home. Being a foster home is one of the kindest and most beneficial things you can do for animals in need.

If you already are an approved foster home with KAWS and are wanting to foster, please send them a message! At this time, they do require that all foster homes live in the West Central Sask area.

If you are interested in becoming a foster home, please read the below points about how their foster program works. Then you may either download and physically fill out the foster home application form, or just fill out the very easy online form available on

  • A foster home check will be completed to ensure all animals will be safe and well cared for. You will then be added to their list of Foster Homes. 
  • When KAWS is contacted regarding an animal that is in need of foster care, they will refer to their list of foster homes and reach out to see if you are interested in fostering the animal. You have the right to say no if you feel that the animal is not a good match or if you just don’t want to foster at that time.
  • It is up to the foster home as to when you want to foster, how long you want to foster for and who you want to foster.
  • If at any point you wish to stop fostering, you can contact KAWS and arrangements will be made to pick up the animal.

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