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MLA Ken Francis Gives Highway 7 Update

At 1:00 pm on June 13, the Government of Saskatchewan, outside at the Kindersley Inn,
made an announcement concerning the road construction in and around Kindersley. As we
know, there seem to be only two seasons in Saskatchewan; winter and construction!

The road work this season includes road widening, repaving, concrete work, street and traffic
light alterations and traffic sign alterations. The construction began in May and is scheduled to
be completed by October, however that could change based on the weather.

The province is investing an estimated $6.5 million for safety improvements at the intersections
of Highway # 7 and Ditson Drive and also the corner of Highway # 7 and Highway # 21. These
two very important intersections will be widened to accommodate better turning movement of
larger vehicles. MLA Ken Francis, said that “road safety is a number one concern as Highway #
7 is such a busy roadway and although the inconvenience is temporary, the long term benefits
are substantial.” Kindersley Mayor Rod Perkins also spoke about the construction and how
anyone using the roadways will feel safer and will help in keeping the traffic flowing at a good
pace. So please be patient!

Well said Mayor Perkins! As well, the south service road in front of Tisdale’s Ford and Tim
Hortons is being torn up and replaced as it was in terrible shape due to the high concentration
of heavy vehicles. Yes it is a pain but it will be worth it when its done.

Photo and article credit: Kevin Martin

Mayor Rod Perkins
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