“Saskatchewan Grasslands are Invaluable Natural Resources”

The Ministries of Environment and Agriculture are proud to proclaim June 16 to 22 as Native Prairie Appreciation Week in Saskatchewan. Native Prairie Appreciation Week raises awareness about the importance of native grasslands in Saskatchewan and across North America.

“Native prairie is essential to maintaining Saskatchewan’s abundant biodiversity, and provides carbon sequestration and other benefits to the economy and the environment,” Environment Minister Christine Tell said. “I would like to congratulate the Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan (PCAP) for their 26 years of commitment to promoting awareness of this important ecosystem, and their efforts in building alliances to protect our native prairie.”

“Saskatchewan grasslands are invaluable natural resources,” Agriculture Minister David Marit said. “The agriculture industry relies on native prairie as they protect beneficial species and producers work hard to maintain them through sustainable management. Native Prairie Appreciation Week highlights the work being done by livestock producers.”

Saskatchewan’s Prairie Ecozone is comprised of approximately 17 to 21 per cent native prairie. Native rangelands provide many benefits, such as habitat for wildlife, birds and insects, forage for livestock, carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling and water filtration and retention.

“Native Prairie Appreciation Week is one of our favourite ways to engage people from diverse backgrounds about the value of native prairie and foster their appreciation for this beautiful ecosystem,” SK PCAP Manager Carolyn Gaudet said. “Everyone can play a role in the conservation of prairie landscapes, and a great first step is learning more about them. We are encouraging all Saskatchewan residents to explore and experience what native prairie has to offer.”

To inspire interest in and appreciation for our native prairie, SK PCAP is hosting a native prairie tour on June 19 and 20.They will also have booths at Farmer’s Markets in Regina, Swift Current and Moose Jaw where they will be handing out native wildflower seed packets. Anyone who is interested in learning more can also visit the SK PCAP website where there’s an activity checklist, a social media photo contest and two free webinars about lichens and prairie research. For more information, visit:

The Ministry of Environment is a long-term supporter of the SK PCAP and its 2024-2028 Strategic Action Plan.

To participate or to find more information about Native Prairie Appreciation Week, visit:, or email their office at

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