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Kindersley Early Years Family Resource Centre Grand Opening!

The brand new Kindersley Early Years Family Resource Centre had their GRAND OPENING at the end of June and it was unbelievable how many families came out to be a part of it.  Of course, pictures and autographed books by mascots Bluey and Bingo helped! In fact, there were SO many children wanting autographs and pictures, this author couldn’t even get in the building for a picture of them!  This project has been in the works for a while now and has finally come to fruition.

Emcee Lisa Pressler and staff coordinator Jo Simpson got things rolling just a shade after 10am on the morning of the opening. Chris Oscar spoke on behalf of Sun West School Division and said that this is a wonderful centre that will continue to help families for many years to come.  This community will keep growing and this new centre will grow along with it. Mayor Rod Perkins spoke on behalf of the Town council and reiterated what Chris had said. This resource centre will serve as a beacon of support for families with young children in Kindersley and area.  Focusing on playing, learning and connecting, the staff look forward to being involved with many children and helping them grow into responsible people.

How the times have changed. 50 years ago, many of the programs offered or even available, were not on the radar when I was in school! I’m sure my parents would have loved to have a centre like this available when I was a young lad, and many other parents of my era. Oh how I wish.  However, times change, ideas come forth and action is taken and lo and behold, we come to today.  Well done to all the organizers and builders of this centre and their programs.  You deserve more than a pat on the back.  Meaghan Friedrick, Superintendent of Student Services, is one of those people in the background doing what needs to be done.  Well done everyone!     

As well as taking a tour (before everyone got there), I was able to take a walk through the building and see what it was all about.  Lots of things to play with (even a butterfly enclosure) and very tastefully decorated.  Its funny, when children are playing sometimes they are not even aware they are learning new skills.  I guess that can be said for adults too! 

By Kevin Martin

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