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To Social or Not to Social

I recently took a vacation from social media. I walked out the back door of Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook (TikTok and I never really hit it off). It has been liberating to say the least. The day was Friday, March 29th when I finally took the leap – and I mean that quite literally. It took me months to finally walk away. You know you’ve got an addiction when you can’t quit something you know might be in your best interest to stop or at the very least reduce your intake. Have I peeped through the window a few times to see what I’m missing? Hell yes. But when I really think about my relationships and how I want to cultivate them, social media doesn’t fit the bill. I like phone calls with friends and face to face with family. With two small children I don’t get out as much as I used to and the rabbit holes and glorified business of news and politics that often get the most followers/likes on social just aren’t what I need. Nor do I need to see an unbalanced view of others’ lives. I want honest, real conversations that make me feel alive and a part of something that is greater than me.

In a recent phone conversation with a good friend, she suggested I try Substack, a platform that allows journalists, writers and other creators to publish newsletters with monetary appreciation for their work. It’s a brilliant app that isn’t a slave to algorithms and ensures creators own their own mailing lists. There’s no need to sell your soul for influencer type “beauty” products and shape-wear advertising to make a buck.

And the long form, ohhh the long form essays. Good riddance to the quick hacks and hot takes. Give me all the details from all the creator perspectives from around the world.

It’s quite ironic though, me claiming I’m on a vacation from social while obviously replacing it with another social interface. But that’s what we do right? Remove one thing and fill it with another? I will say, however, that the way I’m using Substack feels far more intentional and expansive, but maybe that’s how every new technology begins. I hate to be a luddite but hey, Socrates refused to use a pen because he felt it would impair his memory, so maybe I’m in good company.

Anyway, stay tuned for when I need a vacation from Substack.

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