Looking Forward to 20/20 Vision

“Okay, Superman, see if these make it clearer,” the  optometrist said as he placed a pair of glasses on  Superman’s face. “Whoa! You’re Clark Kent!” he  added.

Having 20/20 vision is a popular catch phrase as we head into the new year. Another popular catch phrase has been, “Canada is strong, not despite our differences, but because of them”. It’s been one of Prime Minister Trudeau’s favorite phrases, and he also notes that mere “tolerance” of diversity is insufficient.

Just to clarify, diversity is defined as the state or fact of being diverse such as diversity of opinion. And tolerance is defined as the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

Our prime minister said, “Tolerance means ‘i grudgingly admit that you have a right to exist,’ So let’s try for something a little more like acceptance, does not agree with left-leaning thought, is greeted respect, friendship, and yes, even love.”

Just for fun, let’s substitute some of his terminology: “Tolerance means ‘I grudgingly admit that you have a right to an opposing opinion,’ so let’s try for something a little more like acceptance, respect, friendship, and yes, even love for those who express opposing opinions.”

An article in The Washington Post, expressed  this observation, “Such preening (from the Prime Minister) has overlapped with a growth of ideological conformity in Canadian politics, in which diversity of opinion yields ample hostility, but little love”.

To put it in simple terms, on one hand diversity is said to be Canada’s strength and tolerance is promoted as complete love and acceptance. But at the same time, anyone who dares express an opinion that with hostility.

A young girl from Germany by the name of  Naomi Seibt is a good example of someone voicing an alternate opinion. She has been dubbed as the “Anti Greta Thunberg” though she doesn’t like that description. Instead she calls herself a “climate realist”, who wants to promote science, free speech and free thinking.

“I want to talk about facts, but I don’t want to shut down the other side, but let them know perhaps we’re not evil.” she said. “Greta is stuck in a bubble, sheltered by the media while on our side we’re being shut down.”

Though she travelled to Madrid, Spain where the United Nations Global Warming Party was held, she was barred from attending, while Greta Thunberg was treated like a guest of honor.

Regarding the ‘hot topic’ of climate change, Brad Wall observed, “If the federal government does not meet the rising global demand for oil and gas, then other nations will. Effectively, a pragmatic approach is needed to provide what many major oil-producing countries do not have – an affinity to protect theenvironment while growing their respective economies. If we eliminate a sector for ideological reasons, it will impact our ability to sustain critical social programs, moving forward.”

We are moving forward into a new year – 2020. It’s a year when the latest catch phrase is “20/20 vision”. But 20/20 vision is worthless if you insist on keeping your eyes shut, becoming blinded to the existence of those around you who see things from a different perspective.

As we approach 2020, let’s remind our Prime Minister of his admonition to “try for something a little more like acceptance, even love” as we move forward and continue to voice our opinions.

Happy New Year to you all, as we move forward together.

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