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Pro-Bilt Structures Ltd: Looking for Project Management Services?

Whether you require a turn-key or assistance with your project, Pro-Bilt Structures Ltd. provides construction management service with the mission to represent the client as if the project was its own. 

Properly planning a project can yield hundreds of thousands in savings and a minimum of wasted time and effort.

Outlined is a brief overview of our project management principless:

  1. Provide a time estimate of your project to completion.

  2. Deliver a planned sequence of progress and appoint experienced supervisors on the job site.

  3. Obtain all permits required and comply with all NBCC, UBAS and local by-laws.

  4. Evaluate progress and track in the coordination of resources.

  5. Review all sub-trade quotes and assure all items required are included.

  6. Provide a complete building maintenance manual upon completion of the project.

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