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Great Canadian Oil Change: What Are Cabin Air Filters?

Cabin Air Filters: What do they do and does my vehicle have one?

Just as your furnace filter at home keeps your home air cleaner, cabin air filters in your car or truck reduce and filter the amount of dust and other pollutants and particles entering the interior of your vehicle. They protect you from airborne pollen, bacteria, dust and smog and increase the air conditioning and heat output and performance.

Not all vehicles have a cabin air filter. Some are easy to check and others are a little more tricky. Typically they are located under the hood or behind or under the glove box. The cabin air filter should be changed every year or approx 25,000kms.

Cabin air filters are incorporated into the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems on more than 85% of all new vehicles. An unchanged cabin air filter can impair the health of drivers and passengers, leading to headaches, nausea and allergies. Also, the restricted air flow of a blocked or full cabin air filter may cause decreased performance in heating and air conditioning.


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