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Whether you’re feeling the general daily doldrums of life, or annoyed at the same problems and issues over and over again in your life and business, the fact that you continue to remain stuck in a pattern of the “same ol’, same ol’” is never going to change — unless you change.

This taking radical responsibility of one’s own life and actions is a challenge for many, but is helped along by a little bit of awareness around why you might be stuck to begin with.

You’ve stopped learning and growing

The world is not slowing down. As technology develops, it makes the rate at which all things in our lives and business are changing move even more quickly. Sometimes the idea of learning to do something new is overwhelm- ing, especially when you just finished learning and adopting the most recent new way of do- ing things, so it’s common to feel stuck being bombarded with change after change. To get unstuck, start engaging with the possibilities and look for opportunities to learn and grow in your own development. Whether it’s professional development or personal development, develop, you must.

So what’s the first step? Pick up a book (or download audiobook or podcast for you non- readers out there) and start filling your brain with new ideas and possibilities. My personal favourite business book is Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap…and Other Don’t by Jim Collins. If you’re looking for something in the area of personal growth, check out The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.

You’re afraid of leaving the status quo

Change is scary for most, especially if you’re comfortable. Let’s be honest: it’s way easier  to tell yourself that you know everything and hide the fact that you don’t, instead of admitting that you’re afraid of risking being wrong and failing. Let’s add to fact that the phrase “that’s the way it’s always been” is the flag we fly in small town living, so if you were to leave the status quo you would risk many people telling you all of the reasons it’s not possible. You fear thinking about what’s possible because looking at the possibilities means that you would have to take risks: a risk of failure; a risk of loss; a risk of not fitting in. These risks keep you stuck because of your fear of moving away from what’s comfortable.

You want to see results in your life and business? Get comfortable with feel- ing uncomfortable. Celebrate the failures with the wins by accepting that they WILL happen, and you will be better for every single learning and lesson that comes from them. Move out of the status quo and the belief that there is a “right” way to do something, and know that  just on the other side of the door of that risk is a whole lot of possibilities.

You’re not supported

You are not meant to go at this world alone. You may have gotten into the habit of look- ing out for yourself and being one of those people who can “figure it out on my own”, but I guarantee you it has taken a lot more time and effort than it needed to. When you’re stuck, not being supported usually shows up as a the same problems on repeat. Finding a support group, resource, mentor, consultant, coach or training program to support you to move through the problems and start creating solutions is the fastest and most effective way to get unstuck.

Technology is what allows us to access endless amounts of support. Yes, we live in a rural area, but the online possibilities of con- nection, training and development are end- less. There is truly a group for everyone, and a solution waiting to be found just by choosing the right supports.

One of my favorite sayings is one that I had made into a canvas print in my office: “I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.”. Taking responsibility for why you’re stuck and why things aren’t going to the way you want them to is not easy, and neither is putting in the effort to get out of it, but the the sooner that you recognize that the choice is yours and choose differently, the sooner you open yourself up to all the pos- sibilities that await you.

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