Craik RCMP Warn of Phone Scam

Scam Call Targeting Elderly

The Craik RCMP have issued an advisory due to the reports they have received of a phone scam in the Craik area.

According to the RCMP the phone scam seems to be targeting elderly people. Those who receive the scam call are told on the call that they have just won a large sum of money and must send a cheque to a certain address in order to cover the accounting fees and taxes.

The calls begin very polite, and the callers use false names such as David Myers, they often try to convince the victim not to miss this opportunity. Though, if the victims do not cooperate the callers have been known to get aggressive and even threaten with violence.

The caller will use a 1(876) number which originate from Jamaica then switch to + 1(306) computer generated number in future calls.

The RCMP are warning the public to not provide personal information, Social Insurance Numbers, banking information or addresses.

If you receive a call like this, please hang up and call your local police detachment. The police are investigating these incidents and appreciate public assistance with reporting.

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