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Going on Holidays? Key Things to Remember to Prevent Break-ins

Kindersley RCMP Offer Tips on Protecting Your Property While Away

While you may be just itching to get on the plane and head towards your tropical getaway, now is a good time to ask yourself if your home or property will be properly secured while you are gone.

No one means to make their home a prime target for crime, however, unless some precautions are taken a home-owner can be ‘leaving the welcome mat out’ for unwanted guests so to speak.

The Kindersley RCMP offered some handy tips to help avoid making your home a potential target:

  • Avoid advertising your absence, your destination may be spectacular but avoid posting a selfie with palm trees in the background to social media until you get home.
  • Make sure someone is checking your place on a regular basis. Even letting your neighbours know that you will be gone and that no one should be at your property.
  • Have someone else clear the snow from your walkways or driveway. If you are rural, ask someone to drive in and out of the yard to give the appearance of people coming and going.
  • Maintain a lived in appearance. Use a timer to turn some lights on at night. Or use an app on your phone that allows you to turn your lights on.
  • Motion sensitive lights around your yard helps deter unwanted guests.
  • Invest in a security system and place the security company stickers on your windows and doors.
  • Make sure your keys are not visible from your door or windows.
  • If you receive newspapers or mail to your door ask someone to collect them for you while you are gone.


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