New Distracted Driving Penalties Coming into Effect February 1st

Province Cracking Down on Distracted Driving

Saskatchewan drivers will soon be facing tougher penalties for distracted driving which are coming into effect on February 1st, 2020.

Since distracted driving is one of the leading factors for collisions and road injuries in Saskatchewan, the province is introducing harsher penalties.

Under the new distracted driving penalties, the first offence of distracted driving results in a $580 ticket and 4 demerit points. Previously the ticket had been $280.

The second offence within a year of the first offence will bring on a $1,400 ticket along with 4 demerit points plus an immediate seven-day impoundment of the vehicle. Keep in mind this penalty does not include the cost of towing the vehicle nor the impoundment fees.

If the offence is repeated for the third time within a year of the conviction of the first, the ticket is $2,100 plus 4 more demerit points and another seven-day impoundment of the vehicle with the associated costs.

Tips to Avoid Distraction While Behind the Wheel:

  • Put your phone on silent or Do Not Disturb Mode.
  • Keep your phone out of sight, in the glove compartment or in the back seat.
  • Adjust your GPS, temperature or music before you start driving.
  • Remember, if it is that important, pull over.

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