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Sonshine Kennels: Taking on the Winter

The past few weeks have been a ridiculous challenge temperature wise to say the least. HOWEVER-we don’t let little things like that slow us down. Three cheers to everyone who braved the cold and kept going anyhow.

Just a few reminders for pet safety during winter:

  • Be very aware of how much time your pet is in the cold. Frostbite, frozen tails and ears can happen in a very short time of exposure.
  • Put on winter jackets and boots to ensure they are well-protected.
  • If in an outside doghouse or shed make sure the heat is on-water bowl is not frozen and food dish filled up. Check frequently. Never assume. Keep all doors dog-accessible so they can easily get into shelter.
  • Watch for any dogs in our community that are not being protected and let authorities know so they can address the owner.

Looking ahead to a great winter season. Book early for your winter getaways and Easter break!



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